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Principal's Welcome

On behalf of the Scotch Oakburn College community I welcome you to our College in Launceston Tasmania for what promises to be a wonderful conference: Take Less, Be More.

Tasmania is the southern-most state in Australia and is a haven for wildlife, abounds with natural beauty, has stunning beaches, mountains and forests, all in a unique landscape. Our conference will give you a taste of all the natural wonders of our state as well as engage you in topical issues via our guest speakers and Baraza groups. Beyond the daily conference activities, your homestay will give you a taste of Australian hospitality and in conjunction with the evening program, we will make sure that you feel right at home in no time at all.

Delegates will have the opportunity to experience Launceston and Tasmania during the Service and Adventure days – we have prepared a varied program so I’m sure you’ll find options to suit. A team-based race around Launceston will familiarise you with much of what our city has to offer. The sustainability focused service day gives delegates the opportunity to make a difference at a local level by interacting with projects that are happening in our region, whilst recognising their connection to the larger issues facing our world. Adventure Day will provide you with the opportunity to choose an adventure that excites and inspires you to challenge yourself and step outside your comfort zone. Our conference activities are also designed to provide opportunities to further unpack the Round Square IDEALS and the 12 Discoveries of the Round Square Discovery Framework. These dispositions are important for all delegates, now and into the future, to gain the most from their learning experiences.

I am confident that the collective impact of the conference experiences will inspire us all to ‘Take Less, Be More’.

The team at Scotch Oakburn College believe that we have put together a conference that will give you, our Round Square family members, a genuine appreciation and understanding of Australia and sense of belonging, and we can’t wait to welcome you to our beautiful country.

Andy Mȕller

Principal, Scotch Oakburn College

About the Conference

Dates: 18 September 2020 to 23 September 2020

Theme: Sustainability: Take less, Be More

Host school: Scotch Oakburn College

Sustainability is a global concern about the livelihood of our future generations and the impact of issues such as the change in climate, populations, resources, social capital and cultural connections. Through a commitment to sustainability and through our ability to solve problems, Round Square students can take a stand, through their own actions to take less and be more.

We are communicators with a sense of responsibility that engages compassion and an appreciation for diversity. This allows us to grow our social connections making us happier and healthier.

Through an understanding of our place in society, we use teamwork and leadership to ensure all communities have access to economic development that satisfies all basic human needs and rights – education, food and security.

Through care, tenacity and inventiveness, we work to ensure our environment is protected, sustained and developed in a changing climate to ensure the earth’s wellbeing.

We learn to be inquisitive, courageous and self-aware through the sharing of stories, knowledge and wisdom. This preserves our countries’ heritage and rich cultures as we learn from our first peoples.

Delegation size

Global Member Schools: a standard delegation of two adults and five students.

Candidate Schools that have applied for Global Membership before 25/02/20: a standard delegation of two adults and five students.

Candidate Schools: a standard delegation of two adults and two students.

Observer Schools (by invitation only): a maximum of two adults and two students.​

Waiting list: As with previous years, should you want to secure additional places for your delegation, you may add them to the waiting list. Once the deadline for Letters of Commitment closes, we will release remaining places available to delegates on the waiting list. Delegates on the waiting list are subject to availability. ​

Student age: At the youngest end of the age range students must at least turn 16 during the academic year (at their own school) in which the RSIC takes place. Delegates that are 15 at the time of the RSIC will only be accepted if they will become 16 before the end of the academic year in which the RSIC falls. Students will be working together in peer groups and the activities are designed for this particular age group. Students under this age will not be accepted.

Please note: Every delegation must include at least as many students as adults and ideally more students than adults. Delegations with more adults than students are not accepted. Schools also have the option to bring a Governor, (as a third adult delegate)​.

Conference fees

AUD $1,465 per student delegate

AUD $1,680 per adult delegate

Additional fee of 480 AUD for the 5 nights for adults requiring a single room occupancy

All delegate fees are fixed regardless of the duration of stay (e.g. an adult delegate that participates in the first three days only and then leaves will still pay the full delegate fee as the conference budget is predicated on a fixed number of delegate places).

The above price includes:

  • All meals throughout the duration of the conference;

  • All accommodation throughout the duration of the conference;

  • All transport throughout the duration of the conference (including pick up and drop off to the designated airport in Australia);

  • All visits and activities throughout the duration of the conference.

The above price does not include:

  • En route flights/transit costs to/from the point of arrival/departure;

  • En route accommodation to/from the point of arrival/departure;

  • Visas;

  • Personal spending money (for souvenirs and extra drinks/snacks);

  • Personal equipment; or

  • Any pre/post conference trips.

Payment details

You will be sent an invoice from our College based on the number of delegates you indicate on your Letter of Commitment. Bank details will be detailed on your invoice.

Please reference your payment with the invoice number outlined and provide a proof of payment to the school in order to help us crediting the transfer into the right account.


For students: Students will be billeted with College families in groups of two or more.

For adults: Adults will stay in hotel accommodation (in one of three possible locations)

Peppers Silo Hotel

Peppers Seaport Hotel

Sebel Launceston

Travel information

Arrivals: Delegates are welcome to arrive at Launceston Airport between 8:00 am and 5:00 pm on Friday 18 September. Late arrivals can be accommodated if needed but please note that delegates arriving after 3:00 pm will miss the flag bearer rehearsal for the opening ceremony.

Delegates experiencing a pre-conference tour in Tasmania are asked to arrive at the College by 2:00 pm.

Airport: Launceston Airport is around 13 km from the school​.

Transfer information: Delegates will be met at the airport by representatives from Scotch Oakburn College and transferred by coach to school.

Departures: Delegates are asked to book flights out of Launceston after 1:00 pm on Wednesday 23rd September.


Schools visiting Australia should research and apply for the correct visas for all members of your delegation in good time before leaving for the conference. If you require a Letter of Invitation for your visa, please contact us directly. We recommend that you start this process as soon as you have confirmed your delegates.

A letter of Invitation for delegates applying for visas can be downloaded here.


It is important that all delegates visit a travel medicine specialist or a doctor familiar with travel medicine to answer your questions and make specific recommendations for you. The best time to see the doctor is at least 6-8 weeks before your trip.

Your doctor will be able to give you all the information your require about staying well in country and what precautions to take.


Before making any arrangements we recommend that you ensure you have adequate insurance in place.

Travel Insurance: It is always advisable to arrange travel insurance to protect yourself and all parties in your delegation against delayed flights, lost/stolen luggage and the costs of cancelling, delaying or cutting your trip short.

Medical Insurance: All delegates must have valid personal medical insurance that is valid in all countries you plan to visit before, during and after the conference to cover emergency medical expenses.

Third Party/Public Liability Insurance: Schools travelling to the conference should have Third Party/Liability Insurance.

Please note: Your school Rep should carry the details of these policies with them at all times during the conference so they are easily accessible should you require them.

Cancellation Policy

By signing and returning the Letter of Commitment you have formally committed your school's attendance AND number of delegates at the 2020 Round Square International Conference. ​

You will be charged for the number of delegates you have indicated in your Letter of Commitment and payment will be required before the outlined deadline in your invoice.​

Please note the cancellation dates below before sending your letter of commitment as we will be holding you to the numbers quoted. Please do not submit more than one letter of commitment as only the first letter we receive will be accepted. From that point onward you must cancel any places that are no longer needed.​

To avoid having to pay for unused places, we recommend that you replace delegates who no longer can attend due to unforeseen circumstances as any cancellations will be subject to the below cancellation schedule. Please remember, the conference fee is only transferable to a substitute from the same school.

All cancellations and alterations to your booking are subject to this cancellation schedule: ​

Cancellations until 30th April 2020 will receive a 50% refund;

Cancellations until 31st July 2020 with receive a 25% refund;

From the 1st August 2020 no refunds will be issued.​​

If you need to cancel or amend your booking please write directly on

Please submit your Letter of Commitment

This section is for formally registering your school's commitment to attend the Round Square International Conference 2020.

Registration Phase One will take 5 minutes to complete.

We kindly ask that your school download and complete a Letter of Commitment to either:

  1. purchase your delegate spaces; or to

  2. indicate that your school is unable to attend.

Before completing the below, please read our Cancellation Policy.

Please note: By signing and returning the Letter of Commitment you formally commit your school's attendance AND number of delegates at the 2020 Round Square International Conference at Scotch Oakburn College.

You will be charged for the number of delegates you have indicated in your first Letter of Commitment and payment will be required before the outlined deadline in your invoice. You must make every effort to ensure that you bring your requested delegation size.

Tip: We recommend that you only add the number of delegates that you know you can fill. You can always add places you are unsure about to the waiting list. Once the deadline for Letters of Commitment closes, we will release remaining places available to delegates on the waiting list. Delegates on the waiting list are subject to availability. Once spaces on the waiting list have been confirmed via email, the Cancellation Policy will take effect.

Honorary Members: Round Square Honorary Members are required to complete a Letter of Commitment, please select Honorary member from the drop down.

Download: Before completing the below form, the Head Teacher/Principal must download and sign a copy of the Letter of Commitment. The signed copy must then be scanned into a digital format (preferably PDF) and attached to the submission form below.

Please submit your Letter of Commitment by 31 March 2020

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