The Conference

The Conference Theme


This years theme is 'Take less, be more'.

The Host Schools


We are delighted to announce that the RSIC 2020 in Australia will be hosted by Ballarat Grammar, Ivanhoe Grammar School and Scotch Oakburn College.

The three schools will host consecutively.


As in previous years, RS Member schools will be allocated to their host by random draw from within their region to ensure an equal spread of RS regions between the three host schools. To find out who your host school is, please log into the Round Square website and check your school profile page.


Global Member Schools: a standard delegation of two adults and five students.


Candidate Schools that have applied for Global Membership before 25/02/20: a standard delegation of two adults and five students (with the option of a third adult if there will be more than three students in the delegation).


Candidate Schools: a standard delegation of two adults and two students.


Observer Schools (by invitation only): a maximum of two adults and two students.

Waiting list: As with previous years, should you want to secure additional places for your delegation, you may add them to the waiting list. Once the deadline for Letters of Commitment closes, we will release remaining places available to delegates on the waiting list. Delegates on the waiting list are subject to availability. 

Student age: At the youngest end of the age range students must at least turn 16 during the academic year (at their own school) in which the RSIC takes place. Delegates that are 15 at the time of the RSIC will only be accepted if they will become 16 before the end of the academic year in which the RSIC falls. Students will be working together in peer groups and the activities are designed for this particular age group. Students under this age will not be accepted.  

Please note: Every delegation must include at least as many students as adults and ideally more students than adults. Delegations with more adults than students are not accepted. 




  • AUD $1,465 for Students

  • AUD $1,680 for adults

All delegate fees are fixed regardless of the duration of stay (e.g. an adult delegate that participates in the first three days only and then leaves will still pay the full delegate fee as the conference budget is predicated on a fixed number of delegate places. 


The above price includes:


  • All meals throughout the duration of the conference;

  • All accommodation throughout the duration of the conference;

  • All transport throughout the duration of the conference (including pick up and drop off to the designated airport in Australia);

  • All visits and activities throughout the duration of the conference.

The above price does not include:


  • En route flights/transit costs to/from the point of arrival/departure;

  • En route accommodation to/from the point of arrival/departure;

  • Visas;

  • Personal spending money (for souvenirs and extra drinks/snacks); 

  • Personal equipment; or

  • Any pre/post conference trips.


Round Square is offering nine bursaries of up to £1,000 each to students from Round Square Global Member Schools who wish to attend RSIC2020 in Australia.

These bursaries are intended to support the participation of those students whose financial circumstances mean that they could not otherwise access the conference. Please log into their web site for more information on bursaries available to students. The closing date for bursary applications for the conference is 31st March 2020.

Students that wish to make an application can do so by clicking here.

Payment Details    


You will be sent an invoice based on the number of delegates you indicate on your Letter of Commitment. Bank details will be detailed on your invoice.

Please reference your payment with the invoice number outlined and provide a proof of payment to the school in order to help us crediting the transfer into the right account.​​

Cancellation Policy    


By signing and returning the Letter of Commitment you have formally committed your school's attendance AND number of delegates at the 2020 Round Square International Conference. 

You will be charged for the number of delegates you have indicated in your Letter of Commitment and payment will be required before the outlined deadline in your invoice.

Please note the cancellation dates below before sending your letter of commitment as we will be holding you to the numbers quoted. Please do not submit more than one letter of commitment as only the first letter we receive will be accepted. From that point on-wards you must cancel any places that are no longer needed.

To avoid having to pay for unused places, we recommend that you replace delegates who no longer can attend due to unforeseen circumstances as any cancellations will be subject to the below cancellation schedule. Please remember, the conference fee is only transferable to a substitute from the same school.

All cancellations and alterations to your booking are subject to this cancellation schedule: ​


  • Cancellations until 30th April 2020 will receive a 50% refund;

  • Cancellations until 31st July 2020 with receive a 25% refund;

  • From the 1st August 2020 no refunds will be issued.​

If you need to cancel or amend your booking please write directly to your host school.



To register please select your host school from the options below and use the password issued to you.


If you are unsure who your host school is, please log into the Round Square Intranet and scroll to the bottom of your school's profile page.

Select your host school:

13th - 18th September 2020

18th - 23rd September 2020

19th - 24th September 2020

Take less, be more


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