Round Square Bursaries

Application Deadline


Applications for bursaries to attend RSIC2020 in Australia closes 31st March 2020.




Round Square is offering bursaries of up to £1,000 each to students from Round Square Global Member Schools who wish to attend RSIC2020 in Australia.


What the Bursary is for

A bursary is money that can be used to pay your participation fees either in part or in full, depending on the size of the bursary;



What you’ll get

You can receive a bursary of usually up to £1000 depending on your circumstances.




  • You must be student at a Round Square Member School;

  • You must be able to explain why, without this bursary, you would be unable to access the Conference;

  • Your application must be supported by your school, with a letter from the Principal/ Head confirming your circumstances; and

  • You should make every effort to part-fund your participation in other ways and will be asked to outline what you have done to supplement your bursary application with income from other sources (e.g. part-time work or personal fundraising).



Successful applicants


All applications will then be reviewed by the Round Square bursary panel and successful applicants will be notified in good time. The bursary amount will then be deducted from a successful applicants’ final balance payment. Successful applicants will agree to submit a full report to the Round Square within six weeks of completing the trip. In accepting a Bursary, applicants must confirm that they have not received support from any other RS Bursary fund and are committed to taking part in the trip.



How to apply


If you would like to be considered for a Bursary, please complete the below application form. Before you start you must have the following ready to attach to your application:

  • a signed letter of nomination/support written by the Round Square Representative

  • a signed letter of nomination/support written by school Head/Principal

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